Elevate your career... Apply for the 2019 Aviation Scholarship!

The Vail Valley Jet Center and Eagle County Regional Airport are offering all airport employees* an opportunity to receive one of THREE scholarship's:
$5,000 - $3,500 - $1,500

Applicants can register here AND will need to submit a brief essay.

Whether it is a few sentences or two pages, we want to hear from you! (Please no more than 1200 words) Submit essay via email to ahollis@vvjc.com or during registration. All submissions must be received by 12/13/19.

Essay Topic: AVIATION!! How aviation has inspired you, why you are pursuing a career in avation, why you LOVE aviation, how aviation impacts your position at the airport or why you are pursuing a scholarship through EGE/VVJC.  

(sent to the school of your choice)

*You must be employeed with the Vail Valley Jet Center, Eagle County Airport, ARFF, EGE Tower or company operating out of EGE. (i.e. Airline, rental/transportation company, ground handling etc.)

Click here for current employment opportunities.


Our Mission: "To provide unsurpassed quality service to our customers in a safe and timely manner."

The Vail Valley Jet Center is one of the premier aviation service companies in North America. We provide a wide variety of aviation services in one of the most spectacular resort destinations in the world. Our customer focused team is made up of leaders in the aviation industry who make the Vail Valley Jet Center a world class FBO. 

We accomplish this mission through our five core values: Integrity, Safety, Service, Growth and Giving.

  • Integrity- We behave in a respectful, trustworthy, legal, fair and balanced manner. Our company acts as a cohesive team because our thoughts and actions are aligned with our company’s mission and values.


  • Safety- Every action we take is considerate of other people’s lives, property and wellbeing. We are committed to creating a work environment that is safe, secure and ecologically sound for our airport and community. We work together to make our business as environmentally friendly as economically possible. Through clear communication, systematic training, solid processes and procedures, each teammate achieves the highest levels of safety and security.


  • Service- We perform our work so that anticipating our customer’s needs and exceeding their expectations are paramount in each teammate’s thoughts and actions. We use technology and performance metrics to measure our process capabilities and continually improve our service. Through systematic training and clear communication, each teammate achieves the highest levels of service to our customers.


  • Growth- We constantly work toward the ethical, social, intellectual and economic growth of our customers, teammates, partners and community. Through a culture of giving, learning, leadership, empowerment and continuous improvement, we establish our FBO as a benchmark in the industry for individual, company and community growth.


  • Giving- The Vail Valley Jet Center believes in giving. Giving to our customers, our employees, our stakeholders and our community. We give of our time and resources to business and aviation organizations that promote our community, commerce and air travel. We host events that promote and inspire aviation careers in young people. Lastly, we give back to our community that has given us all so much.