2018-2019 Winter Procedures

What you need to know for your next trip:
Arrivals / Same Day Departures
  • VVJC Operations team will utilize farthest east ramp with planeside vehicle staging available upon request 
  • Aircraft occupying arrival parking location for more than 90 minutes may be relocated

Departures (Overnighting Aircraft Only)
  • Departure Reservations required upon check in- Departure reservations cannot be reserved prior to arrival and are based on availability at time of check in
  • Aircraft will be towed into a departure position 45-75 mins prior to departure
  • Crew will have access to aircraft in storage locations to prepare for departure as needed and place service requests up to 3 hours prior to departure reservation
  • Aircraft occupying a departure position must depart within 15 mins of scheduled departure reservation

Overnighting Aircraft / Storage
  • Aircraft overnighting for more than one night will be repositioned to the west and north ramps nightly
  • Crew will have access to storage ramps if needed using our new Ramp Chauffeur service, dedicated to VVJC operations
  • Two-night hangar minimums in place: 12/19/18-1/6/19 and 2/14/19-2/19/19
  • Crew signature required upon arrival to be eligible for heated hangar storage